The 60 List!

Back in 2012 I set myself quite a challenge, ‘The 50 List’, which was to complete 50 activities in one year to show my daughter, who has the same disability, that anything is possible. (Here’s that list). At the same time I was trying to run a business, pay bills, oh and write a book! It was, I will admit, the craziest thing I’d ever done, and because of one thing or another I didn’t start ticking items off the list until the start of May. The first three items were completed in one day whilst being filmed by the BBC for the One Show.

Now I’m at it again! I’m going to do a list of 60 activities, however, this time I have set myself three years to complete The 60 List. Twenty each year until 2022. Yes, I’m taking my time, I’m not going to be doing everything at the last minute. I will be making contacts with individuals who can help me to achieve my list and booking events. I’m also in the process of writing about how my disability has fared over the last 7 years and how I still manage to cope, and I will detail every challenge completed. The book will be self-published but you never know, fingers crossed.

I’m also in the process of setting up all the social media pages, Twitter, Facebook and this time round I’ll also be creating a YouTube channel for The 60 List so you’ll get to not only read about my adventures but also get to see what happens!

Please take a look at the list, you never know there might be an activity you’d like to have a go at.

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