The 50 List Challenges

Here’s the list from 2012. I managed to complete all but two of the items on the list. The two that I haven’t been able to complete are; 

A meeting with John Cleese. There’s a fine line between trying to meet someone and becoming a nuisance. I certainly didn’t want to become a nuisance. I made contact with John’s agent and that’s all I can do.

The other item on the list, which I might tack onto the end of the 60 list is ‘Catch a big sea fish’.

  1. Prepare a photo exhibition for 2013
  2. Visit the capital city of Wales
  3. Write a book
  4. Play table tennis
  5. Complete 1000 piece jigsaw
  6. Meet John Cleese
  7. Be a member of the audience on Top Gear
  8. Go Zorbing
  9. Take part in a Half Marathon
  10. Ride in a hot air balloon 
  11. Get one of my photos printed in a national newspaper
  12. Visit a theatre in London and watch a show or play
  13. Wood Turning
  14. Donate funds raised through sponsorship to CMT
  15. Steer a narrow boat
  16. Drive 4×4 Off Road
  17. Sell the Mustang!!
  18. Teach someone how to create a website
  19. Go to the proms
  20. Travel near 160 mph in a quarter mile
  21. Play more board games
  22. Visit Blackpool Tower
  23. Power Boat
  24. Scuba Dive
  25. Write a comedy sketch
  26. Visit the Ace Cafe
  27. Visit the capital city of Scotland
  28. Visit the capital city of Northern Ireland
  29. Indoor Sky Dive
  30. Teach someone to balance on two wheels in a wheelchair
  31. Lose weight
  32. Making my business work
  33. Skiing
  34. Race a Volvo S60 around Rockingham Race Circuit
  35. Catch a big sea fish
  36. Swim in the sea
  37. Play drums
  38. Learn to make proper soup
  39. Encourage someone else with a disability to do one of my Extreme Top 50 List with me
  40. Learn to make a good Crème Brulee
  41. Give a talk as a guest speaker
  42. Make a clay pot
  43. Take part in the Waendel Walk
  44. Fly an aerofoil kite
  45. Bake bread on a regular basis
  46. Ride a jet ski
  47. Spend a weekend with a Formula 1 Team
  48. Cover FIA Drag Racing events in Europe for our on-line magazine
  49. Sail a boat
  50. Hand cycle 5 miles