Rust Bucket Rally

One of the items on the 60 list has been paid and booked! The Rust Bucket Rally 2020. The Rust Bucket Rally is a charity event that has, in the passed, raised over £100,000 for some very deserving causes. The rules are; you must buy a car less than £500 and and then drive it around Europe covering 2600 miles through 10 countries in 4 days.

Last year I purchased a 3Ltr V6 Jaguar S Type and along with two good friends set off from Wellingborough to Europe at 2 in the morning. The only problem was I wasn’t able to drive the car. I had the brake pedal widened and adjusted to suit but it needed so much pressure on the brake it was decided that there was no way I could safely get it off the drive, let alone across Europe. Whilst my compatriots did the driving I sat in the back and gave them moral support and lots of fluids and munchies! 

Within the next few months I will be getting a new car that will be, for the first time, adapted with hand controls. I know it’s not a £500 car but I have had permission from the organisers. This is because the cost of adapting a car for a 4 day road trip would be a lot more than the car was worth! 

And there’s good news, my brother Gary will be joining me for the RBR2020 road trip!

I’ll be posting videos and updates everyday from the RBR so please do look out for that.

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