I am Nigel Holland. I am married to Lisa and we have three fantastic children; Mattie, Amy and Ellie. We also have a small dog named Berry.

We now live in Duston in Northamptonshire and have done since July 2018. 

I have a disability, I use a wheelchair, but I am not disabled!

It’s amazing the number of people that still like to use that term, ‘disabled’. I believe that everyone on this planet has a disability. It’s just that some are more pronounced than others. If you wear glasses isn’t that a disability? If someone has a hearing aid isn’t that a disability?

In the past, I have done many crazy and extreme things that I felt I needed to have a go at. I have tried water skiing, gliding, 4×4 off-road competitions, abseiling, played drums in a band, raced go-carts and up until the end of 2010, I was competing in the National Drag Racing Championships. I like to do these things because it lets me know that I’m not wasting away my life just sitting in my chair saying ‘I wish I could do that’. I do these things to find out where the limitations are and in fact, my limitations aren’t where I thought they were because often or not I surpass them. Then I feel alive!

My disability does get in the way sometimes and yes it can get frustrating but that only drives me on to find alternate ways of doing things. Since 2012 and the last list my disability has got worse, the dexterity in my hands has deteriorated quite a lot and my hips aren’t as mobile. When I have reluctantly had to give up something I liked doing I just saw that as a challenge to find something else to do. 

The 60 List is going to show that no matter how bad a disability gets life can still be embraced and enjoyed!